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Underpinning Redmond WA

Soil quality and changing climate can badly affect home foundations. Some houses need simple renovation solutions for cracks and repairs. Ignoring house foundation problems leads to irreparable situations. This could range from frequent house repairs to collapsing houses. Underpinning Redmond WA home foundations is the best way to keep your home structure secure and problem free.

Common foundation repair problems

Wall cracks, sloping floors and basement moisture are the most common foundation problems. It is important for homeowners to find out why their home foundation needs repairs. You must inspect the walls and floors of your home thoroughly to look for problem areas.

Home foundation experts can help you inspect your house foundation. At Kunkel Moving, we often get calls from distraught homeowners for underpinning Redmond WA solutions for their foundation repair problems.

Underpinning Redmond WA repair solutions for cracks

When you see cracks in the exterior or interior walls of your home, you must ascertain the cause. Apart from walls, cracks can also occur in other places if there are foundation repair problems. These include floor tiles, floors, slabs, stairs, porches, garage columns, chimney and roofs.

The house foundation sinks or settles due to varied reasons. Cracks in walls and floors occur and weaken the house structure. With Underpinning Redmond WA, the solution is to add helical piers to prevent further cracks. These piers are driven into the ground. Steel piers add strength to the foundation and support the house structure.

Dealing with sloping floors

The foundation of your house sinks or settles due to soil quality or bad construction. This may result in sloping floors. This can disturb the house structure. It can also cause problems with utilities such as electricity and water supply for the house.

As experts in underpinning Redmond WA home foundation repair solutions, we help you to install helical piers to deal with sloping floors. Helical piers support the house foundation and prevent further damage. It helps that this is a lot less expensive than what fixing the entire home foundation costs.

Damp crawlspace foundation problems

A damp and cold basement or crawlspace makes your home unhealthy. You also don’t get to use this place for storing if it is moist all the time. Using underpinning Redmond WA foundation repair solutions, you can install a vapor barrier to overcome this problem.

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