Underpinning a basement in Seattle

  • underpinning a basement in seattle

Underpinning a basement in Seattle:

You may be considering underpinning a basement in Seattle because it is too short. Many basements in Seattle were not originally built to be habitable. Rather, they were meant to be storage spaces only. Because of this, quite a few basements are only 5 or 6 feet tall. Underpinning a basement in Seattle solves this issue by digging down further. This process adds ceiling space so that you can remodel your basement into the rental or mother in law unit. This is not a small project, but once it is complete you will have likely have paid yourself back in equity, and added 20-50% more livable space to your home.

What to consider when underpinning a basement in Seattle?

If you are underpinning a basement in Seattle you may be thinking about some of the following:

  • How many feet do you want to dig down?
  • Will you underpin the entire basement, or work around stairs?
  • Where is your water table?
  • Will you need a structural engineer during the permitting process?

Underpinning a basement in Seattle is not a small project. You will want to make sure you hire a contractor with plenty of experience in foundation underpinning. Kunkel Moving and Raising can help. We have over a century of experience in foundations, excavation, house lifting, and more. We are happy to give anyone who is thinking about underpinning a basement in Seattle, or the Seattle metro area a 100% free consultation. We will determine how the work can be done, safely, effectively, and at the lowest possible cost to you.

Kunkel moving has been in business since 1911. We have seen just about every variation of underpinning a basement in Seattle, and have devised a successful solution each time. Call Kunkel Moving and raising at 1-800-490-4220 or contact us for your free consultation, before you begin underpinning a basement in Seattle.


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