Transporting A House

  • Transporting a House

Transporting a House – From Point A to Point B

At Kunkel Moving and Raising we know that sometimes moving doesn’t just mean packing your things and moving them to another home. Sometimes moving means actually lifting and transporting a house to another location. Most of the time this is because you recently purchased a lot and wish to move to your new plot of land, but also wish to keep your current house. Often times it is both faster and cheaper to transport a house than it is to build a new house from scratch.

One of the most frequent questions we receive is: “what is involved when you transport a house?”. The answer in this case is “it depends”. While that may not seem like a very good answer, the fact is that each and every time we transport a house the requirements and individual situation are different. Because of this it is important for us to visit your property, and assess your particular situation. We have the equipment to pick up just about any home, but simply lifting a house is different that transporting a house. We will need to determine how far you wish to transport a house, what obstacles are in the way, if there will be any tight fits or hairpin turns, and what the regulations are for the highways we will need to traverse.

Because there are so many variables when transporting a house, you are advised to get an assessment from a qualified contractor. When it comes to transporting a house no one in Western WA is more qualified than Kunkel Moving and Raising. With over 107 years of experience in the house moving industry we are confident that no matter why you are looking at transporting a house, we have seen your situation before. You are welcome to contact us today, so that we can answer any question you may have about transporting a house and schedule a free transportation assessment for you.


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