Second Story Addition in Seattle

  • second story addition in seattle

Are you thinking about a second story addition in Seattle or the greater Seattle Metro area?

There are multiple ways to perform a second story addition in Seattle. Each method has it’s own pros, cons, and expenses. In King County, and especially in Seattle, second story additions can bring great savings while providing additional living space. They also do so without taking away from the square footage of the rest of your property.

Most people perform a second story addition in one of two ways:

  1. Fortify the existing structure as needed, remove the roof, construct the second story, replace the roof.
  2. Lift the existing structure off of the foundation and build a fortified structure underneath.

The first method has the advantage of keeping your existing footprint. If the existing structure is sufficiently fortified, and there are many attached structures (like large patios and decks), then it can be easier. The disadvantages are a possible (and very expensive) restructure to ensure that the current story can handle the stress of the new one. Also this option does not allow for easy additions like a garage.

At Kunkel Moving and Raising, we find that most people choose to lift and build under when performing a second story addition in Seattle. This option gives the assurance of a strong foundation for years to come. It also negates the cost of re-enforcing an older structure that was not built to be a lower story.

How to choose a contractor

A second story addition in Seattle is a great way to reclaim additional living space for your family. When you choose to build the addition underneath your existing structure, you will need to lift your house. Make certain that you choose a way qualified contractor, with lots of experience because not just anyone can lift a house.

Kunkel Moving and Raising has 104 years of intergenerational experience lifting, and moving houses. We are expert foundation architects, and we understand the unique challenges associated with a second story addition in Seattle. IF you are considering such an addition, do yourself a favor: call us at 1.800.490.4220 and we will consult with you about your options.


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