Seattle Foundation Repair Costs

The strength of the house depends upon how strong the foundation is. So, damage in the groundwork is not to be overlooked. Depending upon the nature of the repair work, prices may vary. In Seattle, foundation repair cost involves a few simple steps. You need to keep in mind the following points to get your foundation strong and resilient.


  • Getting started

To begin with, you need to get an estimate of the damage before undertaking any repair work.

Get your soil tested by a geotechnical engineer to decide on the sustenance of the treatment that you have decided for the foundation of your house.

Any structural repair work requires the removal of surrounding landscape. Heavy machinery and drills are also involved in the process. So a building permit from the local planning department is mandatory before you move on with the project.


  • Cost involved

The report by a structural engineer may cost around $300 to $1500.

A soil test can cost you anything between $500 and $3000.

A permit from the local planning department may involve $75 to $150.

Repairing a simple crack with concrete will be much cheaper than reinforcing the foundation with anchor bolts. If the soil is poor, you may need to install concrete or steel piers to support the foundation on more stable soil which runs deeper. Apart from the cost of the piers, consider the local labor costs involved.

A Seattle foundation repair cost can vary between $250 and $30000, depending upon the extent of the damage. The final amount will also depend upon the material costs and labor costs which may vary from one season to another.


  • Precautions

To get an unbiased estimate, it is advised to get it done by a structural engineer. A construction company may often give a higher estimate than what is necessary, to earn more profit.

If you want to fortify your house against earthquakes, don’t hesitate to spend on seismic repairs. This will cost you around $3000 to $4000.

Assess the credibility of the construction company before giving them the final order. Also ensure that they provide free after repair service for a period of time.

Much of Seattle foundation repair cost is dependent on how timely the damage has been detected. A good structural repair work will not only keep your house safe but also enhance the market value of your property.  So take out time from your busy schedule and get the repairs done immediately.


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