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The foundation determines the structural strength of your house. If there’s any sign of damage, get the foundation repaired immediately. Choose a good foundation repair Seattle WA service for best results.
The chances of foundation damage are higher in older homes. However, newer homes can also have foundation problems. Some reasons for damage include poor soil quality, soil settlement, poor construction, improper maintenance, wearing and poor landscaping.

Signs of damaged foundations

1.      Water logging at the basement
2.      Cracked walls
3.      Sloping or bulging floors
4.      Gaps between the walls and door or window frames.

Dangers of damaged foundations

A damaged foundation makes your home unstable. It affects the commercial value of the building. It can also cause water logging. This leads to the growth of pests and microorganisms. As a result, your house becomes an unhealthy and unhygienic place.
What’s more, a damaged foundation deteriorates with time. The more you delay repair, the more serious the problem becomes. Ultimately, you might have to tear down the foundation and have it rebuilt. That is why Foundation Repair Seattle WA is so important!

Foundation repair methods

Thanks to modern engineering methods, you don’t have to tear down the foundation in many cases. There are methods of Foundation Repair Seattle WA that can stop this problem before it becomes more expensive.For example, if a foundation has sunk, it can be raised with techniques like slabjacking and piering. Separate supports are laid underground to lift and support the structure.
Slabjacking is the technique where the area under the slab is filled with a grout mixture. As a result, the foundation regains its original shape and position.
Several other methods can be used to reinstate the structural stability of foundation. These include steel and concrete piling, soil injection, chemical grouting and root barriers.

Choosing a Foundation Repair Seattle WA company

You must always hire a Foundation Repair Seattle WA company that is licensed, insured and bonded. Also, check whether the company offers warranty for the work. The inclusion of warranty is a sign of good service. Check with the Better Business Bureau to check the complaints lodged against the company.
Talk to the foundation repair service about their working methodology. Before offering a quote, the company should do the following:
1.      Assess the condition of the building
2.      Based on the assessment, formulate a repair plan.
3.      Discuss the problem and the available solutions, with you.
Choose a reliable foundation repair Seattle WA service. You don’t want to fix the same problem all over again.

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