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When it is time for Seattle Foundation Repair?

Seattle foundation repair is a common, and inconvenient necessity due to the wet, wet climate. When you begin to see cracks in your foundation that are wider that 1/4 inches, it is time to consider foundation repair. In Seattle foundation repair, it is imperative that the repair process begins at this point, as our wonderfully voluminous rainfall will worsen the problem quickly. Taking action right away, as with most things, will lead to less expensive and more convenient solutions to Seattle foundation repair!

When the damage is minor

As mentioned, the most common offender in Seattle foundation repair is water. As we know, this lovely universal solvent gets into anything, and eventually erodes even the strongest of materials, if given enough time. If you own a newer home, and are just beginning to see cracks in your brick, or cement walkways, patios, or foundation, you would be advised to check your gutters, and the grade of the earth surrounding your foundation. It is possible that your drainage is being obstructed in some way, or that your gutter system is directing the full force of the rainfall onto a particular spot near your foundation. In these cases you should fix the cause of the problem, and then reach out to a qualified foundation repair specialist. If the damage is not great enough to warrant serious repair, and the cause of the erosion has been neutralized, you may be able to plug any cracks with epoxy. Only attempt this method if the damage is minimal, and you have some experience in the construction trade.

When the damage is severe

If your foundation has become uneven, tipped, bowed, severely cracked, or in any way resembles the foundation below:Bad-Seattle-Foundation-Repair (we can’t help them because they are in Germany, not the Seattle area), it is time to call in the experts. These types of foundations require professional reinforcement in order to prevent disastrous breakage, or irreparable deterioration.

The usual practice in such situations is to address the underlying problems, and repair the foundation walls from the inside using wood, or steel braces, wall anchors, or carbon fiber mesh. These will be placed at roughly 6 foot intervals against the inside of the wall and sometimes on the overhead joists, in order to block further movement. Another method, which can be less expensive, is the process of spreading epoxy onto strips and then using carbon-fiber mesh to lock the structure in place.

It is common in Seattle foundation repair for the entire foundation to need replacement. This is done by excavating around the house, lifting the house, and rebuilding part or all of the foundation. If this needs to be done, Kunkel Moving and Raising is happy to supply a comprehensive quote for the process. We have been performing Seattle foundation repair for nearly 104 years and have seen just about everything there is to see when it comes to foundation repair in Seattle, WA.


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