Seattle Excavation Contractor

Seattle Excavation Contractor

Ever wondered what a Seattle excavation contractor does? Why do people hire an excavation contractor in the first place? What does he do? What is his role? What’s the benefit of hiring one?

Construction companies often hire an excavation contractor to excavate the plot of land due for construction. The landscape must be moved, graded and leveled before it’s ready for construction.

Outsourcing this task helps a construction company to focus on its core function, while an expert excavator gets done what he does best.

Here’s a look at some of the tasks a Seattle excavation contractor will do as part of their services.

Prepping the Land

Your building project is approved, and you are all set for the next stage – excavation. At Kunkel Moving, we closely work with other professionals like land surveyors and permit services to prepare for the job.

The first thing we do is to clear the space of any obstructions such as trees, roots, logs and boulders. As part of our excavation services, we also demolish existing structures. Demolishing a structure and clearing obstructions may seem like a simple job, but takes a lot of skill and thought to execute. This is a job best left to a professional Seattle excavation contractor.

Digging the Land

The next stage involves digging. Here’s when we bring in the giant excavators into the picture. Excavation services are useful for digging out basements and foundations, and for creating holes for swimming pools.


Once the land is excavated, your Seattle excavation contractor will send out a team to level the landscape. Grading the soil helps in efficient construction and helps reduce water problems in the future. This stage plays an important role for your construction project as the drainage needs to be dug out and storm water flow has to be determined. Work closely with your Seattle excavation contractor for best results.

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