Repair Cracked Foundation Seattle

  • Repair Cracked Foundation Seattle

Repair Cracked Foundation Seattle

Cracked foundations are a cause for major concern. A cracked foundation can severely affect the stability of a building. Generally, it is difficult to pinpoint to the exact cause for cracks. A foundation could crack for a variety of reasons. If you find cracks in your building, contact Kunkel Moving immediately to repair cracked foundation Seattle.

Soil and moisture

There are two major factors to be blamed for a cracked foundation – soil and moisture. If the soil is not compacted well during construction, it settles with time. This can cause cracks in the foundation.

On the other hand, moisture can either swell or contract the soil. When the moisture content is high, the soil swells. When moisture level is low, the soil contracts. This puts excessive uneven pressure on the foundation and causes it to crack. In order to remain intact, the soil-moisture content should be balanced. Too little moisture is as dangerous as too much moisture.

However, practically, it is very difficult to maintain optimum moisture content in the soil. For instance, leaking plumbing can increase moisture content in the soil. Improper drainage in the grounds around the foundation can cause water to seep into the foundation and cause a lot of damage. Roof runoff could be another reason. If the runoff is not directed away from the foundation, water might flow into it. Then you should contact a company like Kunkel Moving to repair cracked foundation seattle.

Fluctuating moisture level is an even more dangerous phenomenon, and a good reason for cracked foundation repair Seattle. When soil shrinks and expands alternatively, the pressure on the foundation increases drastically. This uneven distribution of pressure becomes can cause cracking.

Structural inefficiency

The foundation takes the weight of the entire building. If it is not designed or built in the best manner, it develops cracks. Some of the common reasons for cracks from poor design include uneven pressure distribution on the foundation, instability and improper concrete composition.

Improper soil conditions at the time of construction

One of the reasons for damaged foundation could be improper soil condition at the time of construction. If the moisture content is too high during construction, it could be dangerous. As the moisture content reduces with time, the soil contracts and the foundation loses stability. If the soil is very dry at the time of construction, it could swell as the soil absorbs water with time.

Contact Kunkel Moving for repair cracked foundation Seattle. We will identify the cause and rectify the situation to restore stability to the foundation as well as the building.


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