Raising a house in a flood zone

  • Raising a house in a flood zone

Due to the sharp increase in flood insurance rates, many home owners are considering raising a house in a flood zone.

Homeowners who have purchased low lying houses in high risk flood zones are facing an uncomfortable increase in mandated flood insurance costs as a result of a 2012 federal law: The Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act. If you are one of these home owners we know that you are faced with few options. Rather than sell, or self insure, we offer a different option: raising a house in a flood zone.

In many cases, financing the cost of raising a home in a flood zone costs less than the cost of paying the higher premiums on flood insurance, and will make your house easier to sell. You must consider whether the cost of raising your house is greater or less than the projected cost of flood insurance.

Kunkel Moving and raising can supply you with a free estimate for raising a house in a flood zone, which you can use to compare with the cost of rising flood insurance premiums. We can also help you assess the risks involved in raising your house compared to the risks involved with leaving it within the flood zone.

At Kunkel Moving, we are here to make certain that your house is not only lifted correctly, but that your home is aesthetically pleasing, and accessible after it has been raised. After all, most of our customers who choose to move forward with raising a house in a flood zone do so not only because it makes financial sense, but because they love their home and do not want to sell or rebuild it.

During our free consultation, we will be sure to address the many questions you are likely to have when considering raising a house in a flood zone. Please contact us today to schedule. We look forward to seeing you!


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