Pin Piling Bellevue WA

Pin Piling Bellevue WA

Settling foundations can make any homeowner nervous. A weak foundation is the result of weak or compressible soil beneath the foundation. There are many reasons why a foundation settles. Pin piling Bellevue WA will help you to solve your foundation problems. In fact, there are many benefits in using pin piling for foundation repair.

Reasons for settling foundations

Home construction involves a lot of work, from getting the foundation in place to putting the roof on the walls. But in many cases, the foundation will settle or crack leading to damaged house structures. There are many causes. Weak soil, continuous reconstruction of the house, construction in and around the house, earthquakes, and floods, are just some of the reasons why foundations settle.

Why pin piling is a good solution:

Pin piling is like adding concrete stilts to your home foundation. The vertical hollow steel pipes look like pins from afar, hence the name. Pin piling Bellevue WA experts drive these steel pipes around the foundation till they reach solid soil or stone. They pump concrete around the pipes to strengthen the foundation. Sometimes, concrete pin piles are used with the same effect.

Additional Benefits of Pin Piling Bellevue WA:

Pin piling costs much less than what you would spend on other foundation repair methods. Pin piles are useful for both high-rise buildings as well as family homes. Pin piles are small in size. This means they do not cause any additional damage to the house structure while they are being installed. The smaller size also helps in reaching difficult-to-reach places.

Using pin piling for home foundation repair is better than breaking the foundation or adding extensions to the house structure. We know how much our pin piling Bellevue WA foundation repair solutions have helped our clients in the area. We can help you too!

Pin Piling Bellevue WA is a common solution

Believe it or not, a lot of people who live in homes built a couple of decades ago know how pin piling saved their homes. Large commercial buildings are seeing the reason for the increasing popularity of pin piling over other alternatives. You can talk to our experts who are more than happy to solve your foundation repair doubts and queries.

At Kunkel Moving, we know that repairing home foundations is not child’s play. We have 104+ years of expertise and experience ! Contact us today or call 1800 490 4220 to schedule an inspection!


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