Metro Seattle Excavation

There is nothing more concerning when there is something wrong with your home.  Wondering about the cost of work, where you will stay while work is being done, or how to find a trustworthy company are details that will keep you awake at night.  Excavation is Metro Seattle is our line of work, and we will prove to you that we are a trustworthy company worthy of your business.

We worked recently with a client to perform an excavation in the Metro Seattle area.  When a flood happens in the home sometimes the house’s foundation gets damaged, and he was in need of excavation.  As a company that is local to the Seattle Metro area, we knew the process to get started on his repair.  Due to Seattle’s metro location, excavation often requires city permits.  Since we are in the business, we are able to get the permits rushed to repair their home quickly.

Another example of excavation in the Metro Seattle area is if you are looking to build a new home.  If you have property, the first step in building your home is laying a proper foundation.   The whole home depends on a correctly laid foundation, and there are many steps to making sure it is done correctly.  These steps include picking a site with proper soil, having your lot surveyed, the actual excavation process, installing and sealing the footings, stemming the walls, and then finally ending the process by applying a final layer of sealant to waterproof your foundation.  This is a huge multi-step process, and if we are being honest, excavation in Metro Seattle is something you want to have an expert doing.

Whether you need a foundation repair, or are starting a new home, you are bound to have both questions and concerns.  Let us help you by answering your questions.  We are the experts on excavation in the Metro Seattle area, and we are ready to get started on your project.  Let us put your mind at ease.


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