Lifting a House in Everett WA

Lifting a House in Everett WA

Foundations could be damaged for a variety of reasons. Since the damage is usually invisible, many homeowners tend to neglect or ignore these problems. In some cases, it might become necessary to lift the house and provide access to the foundation underneath. You need to hire a professional contractor specializing in lifting a house in Everett WA for the purpose. So how do you choose a reliable contractor? Here are some things to consider.

Experience of the contractor

One of the most important factors while lifting a house in Everett WA is to find the right contractor. The foundation problem needs to be diagnosed accurately. The house should be lifted based on the diagnosis. Lack of experience can be a major concern since neglecting even small issues during lifting and repair can be dangerous.

An experienced contractor will always want to visit the site and conduct an initial investigation. They will evaluate the condition of the soil, the grounds around the house and the status of the building before lifting the house. After the initial investigation, the contractor will create a plan of action for lifting.

Reality check

Lifting a house in Everett WA is a highly effective method to repair foundation. However, it might not help in covering the cracks that have already appeared in the building. If a contractor promises to cover up all the cracks in the building, you need to be wary. Some cracks that are very deep cannot be covered with simple patching work. So, before starting the work, ask the contractor about the expected results.

Correct piers

Piers are usually installed to repair settlement and uneven foundations. You need to ask the contractor about the type of piers that they’re going to install. For long lasting results, steel piers are excellent choices. They are resistant to corrosion and rusting. Use of concrete slabs can be risky since they can settle over time and make the foundation uneven again.


Once you hire a contractor for lifting a house in Everett WA, you need to know the precautions that need to be taken. Talk to the contractor about the preparations. For instance, the utility lines might have to be disconnected. Make sure that all such precautions are taken before lifting the house.
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