Kunkel Moving – A Seattle Foundation Replacement Company

  • A Seattle Foundation Replacement Company

When foundation replacement becomes necessary, you can count on Kunkel Moving and Raising – your Seattle foundation replacement company to replace your foundation safely and securely. You will be able to get many more years of enjoyment from the house that you have come to call home.

Kunkel Moving and Raising has over a century of experience lifting houses from their foundations, and repairing or replacing the foundation underneath. We use the techniques we have perfected since the beginning of the 20th century, combined with the modern technology of today to make the process relatively safe, quick and affordable. While no one wakes up and wants to replace their homes foundation, you can rest assured that Kunkel Moving and Raising is the very best Seattle foundation replacement company, and we will make the process go well for you.

When a foundation cannot be repaired, and needs to be replaced, we first lift the home off of the old foundation with hydraulic jacks. We then demolish and remove the old foundation, install the new one, and set the home back onto the freshly installed foundation. This can also be a good time to consider other remodeling such as room extensions, or add-ons. Since we will be installing a new foundation under your home anyway, additional remodeling can be done at a lower rate than if it were to be done separately.

Kunkel Moving and Raising is not the only Seattle foundation repair company, but we do have the most experience lifting homes, the best equipment to do so safely, and a firm commitment to customer satisfaction. If you are considering foundation repair or replacement in the greater Seattle metropolitan area, Kunkel Moving and Raising offers a consultation and bid 100% free of charge. That way, when you are ready, you will have a firm plan at the ready. And when the time comes you will be able to work with the best Seattle foundation replacement company !


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