How Houses are Moved

Have you ever been driving down the freeway and passed a truck with “oversized load” signs flashing, only to see the truck carrying an entire house? This often begs the question “How are houses moved?” Today, we are going to answer exactly how houses are moved, and why this is something you may find yourself considering.

Before wondering how houses are moved, many people wonder why a person might want to move a house. Homes can come to feel like a beloved part of the family. A home is often the place where you raise a family: where your children took their first steps, or you have the growth chart on the side of an old door frame. These type of memories can be very hard to part with. Instead of leaving memories behind, many people choose to move their memories to a new location. That is just one of example of where we come in.

So, how are houses moved? The most simple answer is moving a house requires picking the house up from its foundation and setting it down in another spot. Of course, nothing is that simple. To start moving a house, there is a big planning and coordination phase. We are here to help with that. We will work to obtain permits for the move, and make sure we are good to go at both the old and new location. Along with an inspector, we will check and see if the home will require a new foundation. After that, we will gain permits for the route to transport your home to its new location.

If possible, it is very helpful to have some information about your home ahead of time. Knowing how the house was built will help with determining how the house is moved since this will give insight to the weight of your home. Also, some basic dimensions such as height, width, and length will help speed along the process. Finally, we will need to get blueprints for the home to provide information about the structural elements to help us determine what kind of structural support your home will need during the move.

If you are unable to get this information, don’t worry! We will be there to help throughout the entire process, and will make sure we get your home moved safely to its new location.


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