House Relocation WA

House Relocation WA

Suppose you love a house but are not happy with the neighborhood. Or, suppose you need to move from your current location but don’t want to leave your house behind. What do you do in such situations? Move the entire house – with plumbing everything intact – to a location of your choice! With professional house relocation WA services from Kunkel, you can definitely relocate the house safely and cost effectively. Here are some benefits of moving your entire house.

Saves money

One question our house relocation WA customers ask when hiring us is “is house relocation worth it?” There are several benefits to moving whole house, not the least of which is that it turns out to be more cost effective than buying a new home, especially if you are buying it on a mortgage.

Costs of relocating depend on different factors such as size of the house, distance of moving, complexity of the operation and others. In any case, the cost of moving is less than the cost of buying. So, consider your options, compare costs and make your choice.


Moving house is a onetime exercise. Once the home is moved and relocated to the new location, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. On the contrary, if you mortgage a home in the new location, you are tied up for years repaying the mortgage.


Most of us crave for consistency in life. We feel comfortable in the house we have lived in for years. So, when you have to suddenly move to another location, it takes time to find the right kind of house and settle in. Why not consider moving your old home to the new place? This way, you can still have a consistent experience in life.

Preserve heritage structures with house relocation WA

Relocating heritage structures is a great way to preserve them. Today, older structures are being demolished to make way for modern structures. You can preserve the old structures by relocating them. At Kunkel Moving, we have worked on heritage structures and relocated them successfully.

When you relocate home, you need to be careful about a certain things. Firstly, the house relocation WA you hire should inspect the building and check whether the entire house can be relocated. In some cases, if the house is fixed to concrete slab foundations, relocation can become a challenge. After the initial inspection, we can tell you the feasibility and process of relocation.

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