House Raising in Seattle

  • House raising in Seattle, WA

House raising in Seattle, WA is a task that can be surprisingly less expensive and time consuming than most people think.

The entire Puget Sound region has it’s own special set of permitting, climatic, and logistics issues. However, with a qualified contractor, and the proper foresight, the work can be done for less than many other types of remodels.

Here are some things to consider when thinking about house raising in Seattle or the surrounding areas:

  • Plans and Permits:
    Whether you are performing the house raising in Seattle, Bellevue, Snohomish, Skagit, or Peirce Counties, you will have to have your plans approved. Kunkel Moving and Raising is able to assist in full with permitting related to the raising, and/or moving part of your project.
  • Geographical Elements:
    Washington State is full of hills and valleys with unique soil conditions. Kunkel moving and Raising will assess the appropriate lifting measures during your free appointment and will advise you of any special considerations in order to help you plan your project.
  • Possibilities Specific to your Home
    A good example of saving money while raising a house in Seattle would be a client who was going to expand her basement by raising the house to excavate. It was determined that it would be much cheaper to raise her house by one full story, and add an additional level to her home.

Kunkel Moving and Raising is always happy to meet with homeowners in our communities who have questions about house raising in Seattle, and the greater Puget Sound region.

Please feel free to contact us and you will see how four generations of family have learned to treat our customers like family, while perfecting the art of House Raising


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