Foundation Replacement Seattle

Foundation Replacement Seattle

Foundation damage can become a disaster. When your foundation is damaged, the building becomes unstable. There are several different causes for foundation damage. You can take appropriate measures only when the exact cause of the damage is known. Hire a professional foundation replacement Seattle service to ensure the best results.

Reasons for foundation replacement Seattle


The roots of trees around the house can damage the foundation. When sunlight falls on the tree, water from the leaves, bark and branches evaporates. This is called transpiration. As a result, the roots of the trees penetrate deeper and wider into the soil to absorb water. This reduces the water content in the soil, causing the foundation to shrink. To overcome this problem, you can either remove large trees around the building or keep the trees well watered at all times.


Heat and dry winds can dehydrate the soil. As the soil loses moisture, it contracts. As a result, the foundation shrinks and settles. You will notice cracks appearing on the walls. Depending on the shrinkage, you can see cracks appearing in the building. To counter this damage, you can water the grounds surrounding your home and keep them moist.

Inadequate ground preparation

It is important to prepare the soil before laying the foundation. The ground should be appropriately compacted. If compaction is not carried out in the right way, the soil will move over time. This will unsettle the foundation or may even lead to expansion. You can get in touch with a foundation replacement Seattle service to find a solution for such damage.

Improper drainage

During the construction stages of a building, it is very important to ensure proper drainage from the foundation. This means that provisions need to be made to prevent water logging. Proper channels should be provided to drain water away from the foundation. Leakage in drain pipes can lead to water logging. If there are concentrated spots of water stagnation in the soil, the foundation could be damaged. Over time, this will cause serious damage to the foundation.

Poor construction

Use of poor quality construction techniques or inferior materials might cause the foundation slab to settle. For instance, if the foundation is not reinforced properly, it cannot take the tensile forces acting on it. Similarly, if the composition of cement or concrete is inappropriate, the foundation cannot handle compressive forces.

Such lapses make the foundation weak and cause damage over time. Expert foundation replacement Seattle companies can repair such damages by inserting piers and columns under the foundation.

If you take adequate measures to prevent these factors from damaging the foundation, your building will remain strong for years.


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