Foundation Repair in Western WA

Foundation Repair in Western WA

As homeowners, whether we live in a home that’s several years old or a recent build, over time, several parts of ours home will need repair. However, we never ever think of our home requiring foundation repair. A home’s foundation is affected by several external factors including the weather and the soil the home’s built on.

You can contact a company specializing in foundation repair in Western WA to check if your home’s foundation needs attention.

Major Warning Signs of Foundation Problems

There are several symptoms or signs that could point to foundation problems. Here are top five signs to look for indoors:

  1. Cracks show up in walls; these cracks majorly show up on doorways and windows.
  2. The doors do not close shut; it does not latch or it jams.
  3. Suddenly, windows don’t open or close as easily as before.
  4. Cracks begin to develop in vinyl/ceramic tiles overlaid on concrete flooring.
  5. Gaps appear between wall and ceiling.

These symptoms are a sure shot sign it’s time to call Kunkel. We offer foundation repair in Western WA.

Probe Further

Check the home from the outside to confirm your doubts. Check whether the foundation is straight. You can do this by sizing the length of the foundation wall from all corners. You can check for any leaning walls with a level.

Another thing you could do is to check if the concrete is weak. If you notice flakes chipping off your foundation, poke it nice and hard with a screwdriver. Hard concrete won’t react. However, if you manage to chip or break a piece of concrete, the concrete could be weak. It’s time to call up a professional company that offers foundation repair in Western WA.

Foundation Repair in Western WA

It’s crucial that you hire a professional for foundation repair in Western WA, who has the expertise and the experience. A professional would:

  • Inspect your home’s foundation thoroughly
  • Provide a report in writing that would identify the problems with your foundation, the probable causes and the suggested solution
  • Give you a written quote that you could submit with your insurance company for a claim

Kunkel’s No Obligation Consultation

Contact us to have one of our professionals to inspect your home and provide a no obligation estimate for foundation repair. Call Kunkel Moving on 1800 490 4220 for professional foundation repair in Western WA.


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