Foundation Contractors Seattle

Foundation Contractors Seattle

Settling foundations are not always caused by earthquakes or floods. Without realizing it, many homeowners cause damage to their home foundations. In fact, some of your home care solutions are weakening your home foundation even as you are reading this. As foundation contractors Seattle experts, we can tell you what mistakes to avoid.

Do you overwater your lawns?

Without realizing it, you are asking for foundation trouble when you overwater your lawn or garden. More moisture expands the soil beneath your home foundation. Dry weather makes the soil contract. Unpredictable weather makes you water your lawns more often or more than necessary. This can lead to foundation settling problems.

Foundation contractors Seattle can help you avoid bad drainage

A home with drainage problems is an easy invitation to foundation problems in the future. As home foundation repair experts, we can tell you how to keep your home protected from drainage problems. Water seepage from bad drainage can cause foundations to weaken and settle. Clean drainage systems, gutters and rainwater channels are a must if you want to avoid bad drainage problems.

Plan the landscaping around your home

You like trees and plants around your home. Before you plant the trees and bushes around your home, call landscaping experts. Better still, call foundation contractors Seattle to tell you if the soil around your home can host a garden. Extensive watering and high moisture levels damage home foundations. If you want a garden around your home, make sure that small bushes are at least 3 feet away and larger plants are at least 5 feet away.

Installing a swimming pool

A swimming pool in your home vicinity can cause damage to your home foundation over a period of time. Make sure there is adequate distance between your home and the swimming pool. If you buy a home with a swimming pool, make sure the waterproofing is right. Otherwise, seeping water from the swimming pool could damage your home foundation.

Remodeling the interiors of your home

It is important to consult foundation contractors Seattle before you make any changes to the interior of your home. You want to add a room, subtract a wall or make any change to the home. It is important to remember that any home interior remodeling you make will affect the home foundation. Call the experts before you start the construction.


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