Fix Bad Foundation

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Fix Bad Foundation

A foundation takes the weight of an entire building. If the foundation is not as strong as it’s supposed to be, the entire building can collapse. So, if you notice signs of damage, you need to take immediate measures to fix bad foundation.

Some common signs of foundation damage include cracked walls, gaps between doors and their frames, uneven floor and water logging along the basement. Possible reasons for the damage include poor construction and water seepage among many others.

To fix bad foundation, start by identifying the cause. Every form of damage has peculiar effects on the building. For example, consider cracks. They are caused when the foundation swells or contracts. The seriousness of cracks is defined by their size, pattern, location and shape.

At Kunkel, we analyze the damage to understand its cause and the impact. We then come up with the appropriate solution to repair your foundation.

Let’s consider some of the popular ways to fix bad foundation.


One way to fix a bad foundation is to seal cracks using high quality epoxies and sealants. Several kinds of masonry repair epoxies or structural repair epoxies are available these days. This is an effective way of repairing damaged foundations caused by water leakage.

Before using epoxies or sealants, it is important to inspect the foundation. You need to check the condition of the steel reinforcement. This inspection is best left to a foundation repair expert.


Water can cause a lot of damage. It could shrink or expand the foundation as well as cause cracks. So, it is very important to waterproof the foundation. There are different ways of waterproofing a foundation. The simplest way is to pump cement into the foundation. The cement settles in gaps in the concrete foundation. This will help prevent water seepage. Waterproofing epoxies can also be used for the purpose. Polyurethane foam sealant is one of the best materials for waterproofing the building.

Structural repair

In some cases, it may become necessary to elevate the foundation slab using jacks and drive steel pins to stabilize it. The installation of helical or screw piers might be required as well. Insertion of friction piers may also need to be considered depending on the condition of the foundation. If the damage becomes irreparable, foundation reconstruction is the only option.

At Kunkel Moving, we identify the most effective method to fix bad foundation and ensure that the foundation stands strong for years to come. Contact us today to know more or call 425-743-4220 for a free quote.


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