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excavating service

Our Excavation Service:

Our customers have many reasons for excavating areas of their property:

  • Sometimes our customers need an area of their property leveled and graded. After the area is flattened, compressed and made stable, they can lay a new structure on a previously unproductive area of the property adding value and enjoyment to their home.
  • Other times our customers want to alter their land in such a way as to allow an extension of their home, or a new structure.
  • Many of our customers need to lay water, power, or drainage lines. In this case we offer the best trenching service in WA State and the Pacific Northwest! We are familiar with most local ordinances, and are well aware of Pacific Northwest OSAHA regulations. When needed, we are well versed in current shoring and sealing practices.
  • There are other times when Kunkel Moving and Raising is contracted to assist in very large commercial or development projects. We have over 101 years of experience in the trade, and our family has performed major projects all over the Pacific Northwest. While the general scope of the trade has not changed greatly over the years, the tools and methods to get the job done have. We use only the latest technology to perform mass excavation service – such as laser measurement devices, and newer industrial excavation equipment.

The Excavation Process:

Our excavation process greatly differs from project to project. However, here is our general process which our family has refined and honed over the last 101 years in order to minimize the cost to our customers.

We first enter a planning phase in which we gather data such as zoning and regulations relating to the property on which the project is to be performed. We do some research as to the most cost effective way to complete your excavation project in conformance with local and general regulations.

We assign the correct excavation tools to the project such as backhoes, dump trucks, and loaders. We arrange for the dump site and make certain that it can efficiently and cost effectively claim the removed earth.

We coordinate the excavation project with any required third parties such as an electrical or plumbing contractor in order to make certain that our excavation will result in the lowest possible cost for future development.

We execute the project as quickly as possible and according to schedule, having all of the plans, insurance, and other requirements in place.

We clean and perfect the excavation project so that the work is ready proceed to the next phase with minimal effort.

When you are ready to begin you excavation project, or if you have some questions as you plan please feel free to contact us anytime at john@kunkelmoving.com or call us at 1-800-490-4220 we look forward to hearing from you!