Cost to Move an Entire House

Cost to Move an Entire House


The concept of modern day house shifting has changed. More and more people are opting for moving an entire house instead of shifting from one house to another. This is a cost effective method which also saves much of your valuable time. The cost to move an entire house is, more often, considerably cheaper than constructing a new house.


  • Why go for an entire house shifting?

There is often a sentimental value attached to a house. Even if you shift your location, you can continue to live in the house you love.

Sometimes, the budget is a constraint. You do not get enough construction loans for building your own house. Buy an inexpensive house and shift it to a convenient locality. This is a very practical way to save money when funds are limited.


  • Costs involved

The first thing that needs to be done is to contact the agency that will carry out the work of shifting. You have to bear the delivery charges of the company. This will depend upon the volume of the house and the distance it has to be carried.  The cost to move an entire house can range between $10000 and $60000 which is almost forty to sixty percent cheaper than construction costs of a new house.

You may have to pay an amount to utility companies if wires need to be shifted for the transportation.


  • Your savings

You can buy a house cheap and get it transported. So you save on the construction cost. You also save on the money spent for demolition and dump disposal.


  • Points to remember

It is always advised to give the contract to a renowned and reputed company with a proven track record. You will also need licensed contractors for the sewer, electricity and water lines. So check the credentials of the company before giving them the final job.

Get the house tested for termites, cracks or other damages. Seek expert advice on whether it would be wise to shift the house. Make sure that the structure is strong enough to withstand the hassle of the journey.


It is little wonder that this useful and efficient system has taken the fancy of many. The cost to move an entire house makes it the most attractive deal to go for. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and shift the house of your choice without the hassle of constructing a new building.



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