• Foundation Repair Seattle WA

    Foundation Repair Seattle WA The foundation determines the structural strength of your house. If there’s any sign of damage, get the foundation repaired immediately. Choose a good foundation repair Seattle WA service for best results. The chances of foundation damage are higher in older homes. However, newer homes can also have foundation problems. Some reasons […]

  • Pipe Piling Seattle

    Benefits of Using Pipe Piling Seattle WA to Repair Foundations The foundation of a building can get damaged for a variety of reasons. The cause could be soil settlement, leakage, poor landscaping or improper maintenance. It is crucial to fix the damage at the earliest possible time. If you ignore these repairs, the structural stability […]

  • Pin Piling Seattle

    Pin Piling Seattle Pin piling Seattle is different from most types of foundation stabilization. Seattle, WA lies between a series of lowland hills and the cascade mountain range. As a result, Seattle gets a lot of seismic activity. Even small amounts of frequent seismic activity cause displacement of the foundation of a home. This is […]

  • Moving Your House in Seattle WA

    If you are considering moving your house in Seattle WA or one of the surrounding areas such as the Eastside, Everett, WA or Tacoma, WA Kunkel Moving and Raising is here to help. We are the only company in the Pacific Northwest with over a century of history in our trade, and a long, unbroken […]

  • Preparation for whole house moving Bellevue Seattle

    In preparation for whole house moving Bellevue Seattle or vice-versa, all the utilities must be disconnected, which may require the services of a plumber or an electrician. In addition, house movers need at least 10 feet (3 meters) of room around the house for excavation, so dig out any trees or plants that you don’t […]

  • House Moving in Redmond, WA – Kunkel Moving is your Solution

    When it comes time to consider whole house moving in Redmond, WA, Kunkel moving has you covered soup to nuts. Moving your entire house may seem daunting at first, but Kunkel moving and Raising has 103 years of experience and expertise. When you choose Kunkel Moving and Raising to move your Redmond, WA house you […]

  • Seattle and Eastside Excavation

    We are a Seattle and Eastside Excavation Company Kunkel moving and raising is a Seattle and Eastside Excavation company. We have been involved in Seattle and Eastside Excavation projects since our inception in 1911. Kunkel moving and raising has a wide array of excavation equipment such as backhoes, bulldozers, and lifting equipment ready to deploy […]

  • Seattle Foundation Repair

    When it is time for Seattle Foundation Repair? Seattle foundation repair is a common, and inconvenient necessity due to the wet, wet climate. When you begin to see cracks in your foundation that are wider that 1/4 inches, it is time to consider foundation repair. In Seattle foundation repair, it is imperative that the repair […]

  • Structural Rigging – We dont just lift Houses

    Kunkel moving and Raising has been in the structural rigging industry since we were founded in 1911. Since that time we have moved everything from 350ft navy barges to entire condominiums. We have performed structural rigging operations in preparation for sporting events, and concerts, and worked with steel erection companies on skyscrapers throughout the Seattle […]

  • House Raising in Seattle

    House raising in Seattle, WA is a task that can be surprisingly less expensive and time consuming than most people think. The entire Puget Sound region has it’s own special set of permitting, climatic, and logistics issues. However, with a qualified contractor, and the proper foresight, the work can be done for less than many […]