• Foundation Repair and Hybrid Piling Redmond, WA

    Foundation Repair Redmond, WA When you hire a foundation repair Redmond, WA service, the first thing that the experts do is analyze the cause and extent of damage. They choose the method of repair based on this analysis. Each method has its own set of benefits. Sometimes, the damages are such that the benefits of […]

  • We Move Houses in Seattle

    Are you moving to a new city but don’t want to leave your home behind? Have you found your perfect home, but think that it is located in the wrong place? One simple solution that you can consider is to move your entire home to a new location. A challenging job Moving your house can […]

  • Safely Move Your Entire House

    Safely Move Your Entire House Are you planning to move your entire house? Good move, because in many cases, moving your house has more advantages than building or buying a new home. However, when it comes to the complex task of safely moving an entire house, you need to take several safety precautions in order […]

  • Does My Foundation Need Repair?

    If there is a problem with the foundation of your building, it becomes evident in various ways. You need to be able to recognize these signs and symptoms in order to take immediate action. So, if you are asking yourself “does my foundation need repair”, check out for the signs that indicate problems. Uneven floors […]

  • Foundation Repair in King County

    If the you need foundation repair in king county, you must get it done without delay. The structural stability of the house depends entirely on the strength of the foundation. So, if the foundation is shaky, there is a good chance that your house is weak and ready to collapse. Different methods are used to […]

  • Move a House in King County

    Did you know that many times, moving an old house to a new location is cheaper than building or buying a new home? Moving a house in King County is a highly technical process. The existing foundation needs to be dug out and the house needs to be rested on metal and wood slats and […]

  • Move an Entire House in Seattle

    Moving an entire house has its advantages and disadvantages. The good thing about it is that you don’t need to do a lot of packing and unpacking. The whole house can be moved with the furniture, wardrobes and other furnishings intact. However, you need the best professional movers to move an entire house in Seattle […]

  • Foundation Repair Bellevue

    Foundation Failure? Kunkel Moving and Raising, a foundation repair company Bellevue, WA can help! Foundations fail for a variety of reasons. When the damage occurs, you can see the warning signs of failure in the form of cracked walls, disjointed doors and windows, cracked floors, damp basements and musty indoor smell. Whatever the cause of […]

  • Whole House Moving Bellevue WA

    Whole House Moving Bellevue, WA Whole house moving services come in handy in different situations. For one, if you have found an excellent house, but live in another place, you can have the house lifted from its original location and planted at your desired location. Secondly, if you are moving to another place and don’t […]

  • Whole House Moving Seattle WA

    Whole House Moving Seattle WA Are you moving house anywhere in Seattle WA? Wouldn’t it be better idea to move your entire house to another location instead of building a new home there? Call a whole house moving Seattle WA company to assist you with this awesome plan. Benefits of calling a professional moving company […]