• House Lifting Company Seattle

    House Lifting Company Seattle Foundation problems are common to almost all homes. Owing to various factors, the foundation may sink, settle and get damaged. When such damages happen, it is important to repair the foundation as soon as possible to retain the structural stability of the building. One of the effective ways of doing it […]

  • House Lifting Cost

    Are you worried that the house lifting cost for lifting or moving your house can spiral out of control? Worry no more, because we at Kunkel Moving can now tell you how easy it is to get your house lifting done with minimum effort and at affordable costs. Many benefits of lifting your house House […]

  • Lifting and Moving a House

    Lifting and Moving a House Your home is a place where you feel completely relaxed and comfortable. As you continue living in the same place, you grow attached to the house. It reminds you of numerous happy moments that enrich your life. Moving away from such an abode is not a pleasant experience. But what […]

  • House Moving Seattle Eastside

    If you are thinking about moving your old home to a new location, you need to know the right way of doing it. It is vital to choose the right house moving Seattle Eastside service so that your home can be moved safely and efficiently. So, what is the right way of doing it? Planning […]

  • Manufactured House Moving Seattle

    Manufactured House Moving Seattle Moving house is a huge project. You need to hire an expert manufactured house moving Seattle service that can ensure safety of your house while it is uprooted, moved and re-installed at the new location. In terms of costs, moving house is not a cheap exercise. However, in many cases, it […]

  • House Moving Puget Sound

    House Moving Puget Sound House moving has its benefits. For one, moving the entire house is sometimes more cost effective than buying a new home at a new location. Second, if you are emotionally attached to the house, you might prefer moving it than moving into a new home. Third, house moving is a more […]

  • Seattle Foundation Repair Company

    Seattle Foundation and Repair Comapny Do you feel that the foundation of your home needs repair? Do you see signs of damage in the form of cracked floor and walls? Does water log in your basement? Has the slope of your floor changed? When you notice such signs, the smartest thing to do is to […]

  • Seattle Excavation Company

    Seattle Excavation Company Hiring a Seattle excavation company can be a confusing job since there are so many companies in business. However, not all companies are the same. Analyze a few companies and hire the best one. What are the different factors you need to consider to choose the best? Know your requirements When you […]

  • Foundation Repair Seattle

    Foundation Repair Seattle When you live in a house, you usually tend to be aware of the condition of the walls, floors and cabinets because they are visible. You get leaking roofs repaired and cracked walls sealed. Rotting floorboards are replaced without procrastination. However, do you give enough thought to the condition of the foundation […]

  • Why Move My Home?

    When you move to a new place, you feel excited, happy, anxious and sad, all at the same time. While it is exciting to explore new places in life, it is also sad to break away from the home that was your safe haven for so long. The good thing is that you don’t have […]