• Bellevue WA House Moving

    Bellevue WA House Moving Moving an entire house is a trend that’s fast catching up in Bellevue, WA. Buying an old home for a bargain and relocating it is a great option for people who want to own a home but can’t afford one. However, the house moving process requires several permits. You need to […]

  • Strengthen Your Foundation in Seattle WA

    Strengthen Your Foundation in Seattle WA There are a variety of methods for strengthening a home’s foundation. You can strengthen your foundation in Seattle WA, by simply adding more piers and floor beams underneath the house. Another option is to retrofit shear walls at the corners. But when should you consider strengthening your foundation? Older […]

  • Seattle Foundation Repair Costs

    The strength of the house depends upon how strong the foundation is. So, damage in the groundwork is not to be overlooked. Depending upon the nature of the repair work, prices may vary. In Seattle, foundation repair cost involves a few simple steps. You need to keep in mind the following points to get your […]

  • Cost to Move an Entire House

    Cost to Move an Entire House   The concept of modern day house shifting has changed. More and more people are opting for moving an entire house instead of shifting from one house to another. This is a cost effective method which also saves much of your valuable time. The cost to move an entire […]

  • Foundation Repair in Western WA

    Foundation Repair in Western WA As homeowners, whether we live in a home that’s several years old or a recent build, over time, several parts of ours home will need repair. However, we never ever think of our home requiring foundation repair. A home’s foundation is affected by several external factors including the weather and […]

  • Seattle Excavation Contractor

    Seattle Excavation Contractor Ever wondered what a Seattle excavation contractor does? Why do people hire an excavation contractor in the first place? What does he do? What is his role? What’s the benefit of hiring one? Construction companies often hire an excavation contractor to excavate the plot of land due for construction. The landscape must […]

  • Move Your House In Washington

    Move Your House in Washington So you got yourself a house at an unbelievable steal deal. What’s the catch? Well, you have to move the newly purchases house to your own lot. The concept of relocating an entire house is not new. However, it’s catching up fast and very popular in Washington these days. If […]

  • Lift a House In Seattle

    Want to Lift a House in Seattle? Why DIY is Not a Good Idea So you want to lift your house in Seattle, and are busy getting things in place to do it all by yourself.  Rethink. It is not impossible for a non professional to jack up a house. It is difficult to say […]

  • Moving Your Whole Home – Is It Right For You?

    Love your house but hate your lot? If you have a whole-house moving company pick it up and move it, you won’t even have to pack up your stuff! For anyone who has ever suffered through the agony of a move (towers of boxes, miles of packing tape, untold numbers of annoyed friends), it seems […]

  • Seattle Foundation Repair Company

    Foundation Repair Seattle WA The foundation determines the structural strength of your house. If there’s any sign of damage, get the foundation repaired immediately. Choose a good foundation repair Seattle WA service for best results. The chances of foundation damage are higher in older homes. However, newer homes can also have foundation problems. Some reasons […]