• Seattle WA house lifting

    Are you looking for a Seattle WA house lifting company? Perhaps you want to move your house to another area of your property. You’d like a better view from your house, or you’d like to be further back from your property’s entrance. Maybe you are looking for a Seattle WA house lifting company because you […]

  • Second Story Addition in Seattle

    Are you thinking about a second story addition in Seattle or the greater Seattle Metro area? There are multiple ways to perform a second story addition in Seattle. Each method has it’s own pros, cons, and expenses. In King County, and especially in Seattle, second story additions can bring great savings while providing additional living […]

  • Extend your house in Seattle

    When to extend your house in Seattle WA: Have you been considering moving your family to a larger home in Seattle or the surrounding area? Is this housing market which has seen pronounced increases in the luxury, larger home space preventing you from doing so? Would you like more space for your family, but you […]

  • Kunkel Moving – A Seattle Foundation Replacement Company

    When foundation replacement becomes necessary, you can count on Kunkel Moving and Raising – your Seattle foundation replacement company to replace your foundation safely and securely. You will be able to get many more years of enjoyment from the house that you have come to call home. Kunkel Moving and Raising has over a century […]

  • A Seattle WA Excavation Company

    Kunkel moving and raising is proud to be a Seattle WA excavation company. We stand on 103 years of experience in residential and commercial excavation, and 4 generations of satisfying our customers. Whether you need a fresh foundation, demolition, re-grading, or another excavation service, Kunkel Moving and Raising is the Seattle WA Excavation Company to […]

  • Seattle WA Foundation Specialist

    Kunkel moving and raising is your Seattle Washington foundation specialist. We have been in the business of underpinning, grading and sloping, foundation repair and extension, and water damage mitigation for 103 years. If your foundation is cracking, sagging, or otherwise in need of repair, you can count on your Seattle WA foundation specialist to provide […]

  • We are the company that moves whole houses.

    At Kunkel Moving and Raising we take pride being the company that moves whole houses in Western Washington. For 103 years we have pioneered the whole house moving industry in the Pacific Northwest, inventing many techniques that have increased safety, and efficiency. The result has been lowered risk for our customers as well as lowered […]

  • Bellevue WA House Moving

    Bellevue WA House Moving Moving an entire house is a trend that’s fast catching up in Bellevue, WA. Buying an old home for a bargain and relocating it is a great option for people who want to own a home but can’t afford one. However, the house moving process requires several permits. You need to […]

  • Strengthen Your Foundation in Seattle WA

    Strengthen Your Foundation in Seattle WA There are a variety of methods for strengthening a home’s foundation. You can strengthen your foundation in Seattle WA, by simply adding more piers and floor beams underneath the house. Another option is to retrofit shear walls at the corners. But when should you consider strengthening your foundation? Older […]

  • Seattle Foundation Repair Costs

    The strength of the house depends upon how strong the foundation is. So, damage in the groundwork is not to be overlooked. Depending upon the nature of the repair work, prices may vary. In Seattle, foundation repair cost involves a few simple steps. You need to keep in mind the following points to get your […]